Caldwell's scrub monster team in the D&D Monster Madness tournament. The team was originally known as the Die Sweeties, until "Bad New Bugbears" was mentioned. It is important to note however that there are no bugbears in the team. At the present day, all team members are dead except for John Elway (who's now a football) and Caldwell.

Members Edit

Captain: Caldwell, a tanner wearing only belts. Commonly known as "The Belt Master".

  1. Horse the Bullywug
  2. John Elway the Flying Sword
  3. George Bush the Goblin
  4. Dixie the Pixie
  5. Jack Skeleton the Skeleton
  6. Matt Muncher the Trogdolyte
  7. Arthur "The Winged Creature" Treacher the Winged Kobold
  8. Ruth Chris the Riding Horse
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