Not to be confused with Snake the Giant Wolf Spider.
Ssspider was a giant poisonous snake and member of The Mourning Woods who fought in the Monster Madness Tournament. He is best remembered for his classic original catchphrases, "Show some resssspect"/"I get no resssspect"/"R-E-Sssss-P-E-C-T". The catchphrases were invented between the first and second round.

The Monster Madness Tournament Edit

Round 1 Edit

Upon starting the fight, Matt Muncher the Troglodyte farts in Ssspider's general direction but it's easily waved away by Ssspider's tail. Ssspider then lashes out and bites Matt in the neck, and although he managed to resist it, the poison is enough to kill him. He is then slowly ingested by Ssspider.

Round 2 Edit

In the second round, Ssspider fights John Elway the Flying Sword. Ssspider goes first, attacks, and misses. John then flies through the air (whistling like a nerf football from the 90s) attacks, but also misses. Ssspider attacks and hits. Ssspider hisses "I get no ressssspect" and Emily translates for him. John Elway attacks and hits for a large amount of damage. Ssspider says "R-E-Sssss-P-E-C-T". Ssspider attacks again and misses which John responds to by spinning around to make a laughing noise. John Elway attacks and kills Ssspider, chopping him up into sushimi and doling him out to the audience.

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