Throughout the show, many segments and corners are introduced and visited for a brief time. Many of them are only visited by title once, but some go on to become legends. Here is a guide to all the named appearances of the segments.

General Edit

The Anime Corner Edit

The club go off on a tangent about anime.

Appears in:

The Art of Motion Edit

The club discuss animation and its techniques.

Appears in:

The Bard Yard Edit

Someone sings something, usually relating to the book being talked about.

Appears in:

Caldwell, Defend Yourself Edit

Caldwell is asked to defend something questionable he's said or done.

Appears in:

Fashion Watch Edit

Caldwell and Emily discuss the fashion of the setting they're reading about.

Appears in:

The Learner Corner Edit

AKA: What We Learned, The Lerner Cerner

Appears in:

What'cha Bingin'? Edit

The Club asks the audience what shows they've been watching lately.

Appears in:

Caldwell's Corners Edit

Caldwell's Correction Corrale Edit

Caldwell corrects something he previously said.

Appears in:

Caldwell's Lore Corner Edit

AKA: Caldwell's Lorner, Lorne Michaels. Also known in it's shorter versions: Caldwell's Alley/The Dwell Cell

Appears in:

Caldwell's Main Gripe Edit

"Let's get gripin'!"

Caldwell talks about the main gripe he has with a book.

Appears in:

Caldwell's Mint Edit

Caldwell coins new phrases.

Appears in:

Qaldwell's Quandry Qorner Edit

Caldwell presents the club with a question

Appears in:

Caldwell's Sincere Recommendation of the Episode Edit

Caldwell gives a sincere recommendation. The segment was immediately shut down after one use.

Appears in:

Caldwell's Word Corner Edit

Briefly known as Caldwell's Cobwebbed Corner.

Caldwell examines the odd word choices of the book.

Appears in:

Dreamworkin' for the Weekend Edit

Caldwell tries to get a picture deal at Dreamworks.

Appears in:

The Fantasy Toilet Edit

Caldwell calls out fantasy bullshit.

Appears in:

Getting Quippy With Qaldwell Edit

Qaldwell reads a quipp from a book.

Appears in:

Emily's Corners Edit

Emily's Main Gripe Edit

Emily talks about her main problem with the thing they're talking about. A sister corner to Caldwell's Main Gripe.

Appears in:

Emily's Main Qualm Edit

Emily talks about her main problem with the thing they're talking about. Not to be confused with Emily's Main Gripe.

Appears in:

Emily's Mmmmetaphor Corner Edit

AKA: Emily's Metaphor Mayhem

Emily composes and explains a metaphor or allegory she realised for the book.

Emily's Mind Brush Edit

Emily describes the cover of the book.

Appears in:

Emily's Prickle Bush Edit

AKA: In the Peach Tree with Emily Axford

Emily talks about something that made her mad/prickled the fuzz of the peach that is Emily.

Appears in:

Emily's Word Corner Edit

Emily talks about new words she learned through reading the book.

Appears in:

Murph's Corners Edit

Murph's Gurphs Edit

Murph goes over points where he messed up in a previous episode

Appears in:

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