Ruth Chris was a riding horse who competed in the Monster Madness scrub tournament on The Bad News Bugbears team. He was a two-colour horse of cherry brown and creamy white and had a long mane. Ruth Chris never found a rider but wanted to one day. Ruth was killed by a bite Borf the Giant Badger and was horrifically mauled after death.

Ruth Chris was the product of countless optimal breeding over countless generations. The breeding used a method where the semen of multiple studs was collected and mixed together to give to a "vessel" to produce the perfect horse specimen. He was named Ruth Chris because he's a beefy boy. Ruth was known to visit sick children in the hospital.

The Monster Madness Tournament Edit

Round 1 Edit

In round 1, Ruth Chris fought Borf the Giant Badger. The fight started with a brutal bite from Borf who then peeled back his paw to slash Ruth Chris with his bloody brown rotting claws, leaving him greatly wounded. A child called out to Ruth Chris saying "You can do it Ruth!" which inspired Ruth to get up on his hind legs, put one hoof across Borf's face, and neigh "you can't see me". A moment later, Borf voided his bowels without even realising. After, Ruth reared up and hoofed Borf in the face rather successfully, knocking out some rotten teeth with the kick. In round 2 of the fight, Borf peeled back his upper lip to reveal his loose rotten teeth and savagely bit Ruth, killing him. Borf swung Ruth's body around and attempted to literally beat a dead horse with his claws, though he swung so wildly that his claws couldn't reach. Due to all the movement, Ruth's throat was ripped out (an action which causes Borf to loose some teeth and swallow a lot of blood) and the audience was horrified.

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