The crew ranks the books from A to J (J being the best) in terms of how much they want to play the game the book or wiki they've just read was based on. The system was thought up by Caldwell and Emily on Episode 4 - Bioshock: Rapture, Caldwell explaining that the J stands for "je sois".

It could be said that this is literally the same as a 1 to 10 rating system, but the person saying that would be wrong. This one uses letters.

A Edit

"Aaaah, no thanks!"

"Aaaah, I don't think so!"

"AAAAH, don't make me fucking play!"

"Aaaah, I don't wanna play it."

"Aiiiii can't believe I read this."

"Aaaah, not interested in playing."

B Edit

"Brrrrr... I'm cold on the idea of playing it."

G Edit

"Give me a Final Fantasy IX with that cute little black mage."

H Edit

"Ho ho ho, I'm in a chompin' mood"

I Edit

"I just downloaded it!"

"I really wanna set up our Xbox again."

J Edit

"Just play it, dummy!"

"Jeck the halls!"

"Just see it, dummy!"

"Ja make me want to play"

"Just log me on already!"

(K) Edit

"I wanna play World Of Warcraft, OKAAAYYY?"

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