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Pyramid Head, originally Pierre Ahmed Head, also known as Pierre Ahmed Mid-Head is a buff pyramid-headed monster from Silent Hill. No one is sure of the origins of this character but Murph, Caldwell and Emily have their theories.


Murph's Theory[]

As a twelve-year-old Kid Mayor, Pierre invented and fell in to a pyramid-shaped bucket where he drowned. After, Pierre did push-ups every day until he came back to life.

Caldwell's Theory[]

Originally born Pierre Ahmed Head, Pierre was Twelve-Year-Old Kid Mayor of Silent Hill. Pierre erected the first mini-golf course in Silent Hill, featuring a windmill, sinking ship, and, Pierre's pride and joy, a pyramid. Unfortunately, as the pyramid was being lowered into the course during the grand opening, Pierre tripped and was crushed to death by the pyramid, causing him to haunt Silent Hill thereafter. The reason he's so buff is because he spent years trying to get the pyramid off of him.

Emily's Theory[]

Pierre Ahmed Head was working on a huge metal sculpture. He started the sculpture at the vagina; before long he was so turned on by what he had sculpted he tried to eat out the giant metal vagina by sticking his whole head into it but got stuck.