A "pile of leaves" who fought on The Mourning Woods in the Monster Madness Tournament. Died in the first round fighting John Elway.

The Monster Madness Tournament Edit

In the first round Needle Blight fights John Elway the Flying Sword. In the first round of the fight, Needle Blight shoots needles at John but he just spins and bats them away. John Elway comes back with a deadly slash which leaves Needle Blight close to death. After this hit, John Elway goes around the crowd and "hi-fives" everyone which just ends up stabbing them. In round 2 of the fight, Needle Blight fires some more needles that hit and grub up John Elway with sap. John comes back and finishes the job by chopping Needle Blight into pieces. Some of the crowd goes wild, others aren't sure what they just watched.

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