Magmagate was a scandal and riot started by podcast host Brian Murphy on the realisation that correctly solving the magma jumping puzzle in "Nintendo Adventure Books - Koopa Capers" resulted in a game over.

Upon this realisation, Murph went into hysterics and throwing out all reason. During this time his alignment temporarily shifted from Lawful Good to Chaotic Good, forming Dark Murph. The episode that featured the uncovering of the scandal (Episode 32) is said to be the most controversial episode of 8-Bit Book Club of all time. Although no personal blame was put on the writer in the episode, Bill McCay has been under serious fire from the hosts as of since.

Magmagate 2 Edit

In part 2 of Koopa Capers, the gang come to a puzzle where they must figure out if they will be able to jump over 3 podoboos (living fire balls) and choose whether to go then or wait. Caldwell "figures out" the puzzle (without checking his math) and says that they could make it if they proceeded, after Luigi passes the 3 podoboos a 4th one jumps up and kills him. Caldwell is outraged (transforming into Waldwell, a man who loves onions) and Murph is skeptical if Caldwell actually solved it correctly. Upon checking what happens if you wait, the gang find that Luigi waits a bit and jumps over by himself, meaning that the puzzle was meaningless (a staple of Bill McCay's writing). Emily points out his is a terrible message for children.

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