The shit son of Lord Beran Murphial. The Monster Madness Tournament was an effort by Lord Beran to connect with his son and see him smile, though it didn't really work.

Through the tournament, Beran Murphial's shit son mostly just looked at his phone, though he did take a liking to George Bush the Goblin. He also joined the crowd in weeping when Jack Skeleton was killed by Snake the Giant Wolf Spider and started a slow clap that erupted into cheers. In the semi-finals John Elway flied up to him so that he could touch his blade, which he did causing a slight cut.

At the end of the tournament, Lord Beran's shit son was told to shake Rob the Zombie's hand as he won, which he didn't want to do as Rob was gross and his butt muscles were distracting. At this point, a blue and orange spirit rose out of John Elway the Flying Sword's shattered form and rushed into Lord Beran's shit son causing him to EXPLODE and give form to the Primary Elway. Lord Beran Murphial didn't seem to care much, he just wanted Giant John Elway to go away.

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