"Come on down to Hot Tub Island! We've got a Cum Button!"
Emily's idea of paradise. The Hot Tub Island Age is only accessible through the book it was created in.

Description Edit

  • Everything tastes like candy
  • Oceans are warm like a hot tub
  • There's a roller coaster with an infinite drop
  • Trees have human hair instead of leaves
  • Everyone can fly (unless they want to swim)
  • People have gills and they're sexy
  • People have mermaid tails instead of feet
  • Emily has huge tits
  • Has a Cum Button
  • The guns shoot gum drops
  • Dogs are puppies forever
  • All day boners

Hot Tub Island National Anthem Edit

"Down on hot tub island, the trees are covered in hair.

Everyone's got a lot of gills so please don't, please don't stare.

The gills are gills are kind of sexy, so you might want to fuck our gills,

We ask that you please don't fuck our gills cause we need them to live."

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