Horse was a Bullywug who fought on The Bad News Bugbears team in the Monster Madness Tournament. Horse was killed by Peder the Giant Centipede.

Horse was known for having deep ties to the mafia.

The Monster Madness Tournament Edit

Round 1 Edit

In round 1, Horse fought Peder the Giant Centipede. Starting out the fight, Peder stood up on the last two of his 100 legs goes to smacks but Horse blocks it. Next, Horse jumps into the air and tries to spear Peder but the love of Peder's child rebuffs him. On the second round of combat, Peder gets up on his "hind" legs again to smack but the attack is blocked again. Peder's son calls out and says "I can't wait to go fishing tomorrow!". Peder is bitten and gets speared by Horse which gets him in a bad position. Peder looks at his son and says "We will go fishing! Hear you me, we will!". Peder then gets up on his hind legs AGAIN and hits Horse this time, poisoning him and killing him. Peder's son says "I knew you could do it dad!" and holds up the fishing pole, after which he quickly gets stolen away by the frog mafia as Horse's debt was carried to them.

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