"Goo, goo, goo! Merry Goomas!" - Gooby
Gooby is a fictional alien voiced by Jackie Gleason and the star of the Christmas-themed family film, "Milk and Gookies". Milk and Gookies premise is while Gooby was crashing to earth in his UFO, he knocked Santa out the sky and put him out of commission for Christmas. This meant Gooby had to take the role of Santa for Christmas eve as he could get around quickly and the materials he needed to fly his ship could be found on the way (milk, cookies and young dads). With the help of a young dad played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family they help Gooby get home and discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Gooby is known in the film for being very sticky and for leaking goo everywhere he goes, making for some comical scenes where children sit in his sticky lap and are handed gooey presents. Children also come down on Christmas morning to find goo all over where the milk and cookies were, the plate having being eaten by Gooby and the milk and cookies shoved up Gooby's ass while he says "Don't mind if I GOO!". Gooby's relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger's character is the most comedic of the film, Arnold's character constantly worrying and telling Gooby to stop making a mess even though his children love it. The comedic peak and largely quoted line "WHO SAID YOU COULD EAT MY GOOKIES?!" come from a scene where the dad comes downstairs to find all his beloved homemade cookies had been stolen. The dad then goes searching, catching Gooby half-way through shoving the cookies up his ass. After the dad says the line, Gooby moves over to him and puts his hand though the dads chest saying "I require your blood.".

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