George Bush was a Goblin and fought in the Bad News Bugbears team in the Monster Madness Tournament. George Bush was known for his crowd work. He was killed by a bolt to the head from Legolas the Drow's crossbow.

The Monster Madness Tournament Edit

Round 1

In the first round, George Bush fought Legolas the Drow. The fights starts with George shooting Legolas with his shortbow through his chain shirt. Legolas struts to the center of the arena and asks "Who wants to see me take down this goblin?" and is met with cheers. George Bush then shouts out that Legolas is an impostor, points to Lord Beran Murphial's Shit Son and says "this one's for you!" which the son responds to positively. Legolas creates a darkness sphere around them both and George Bush starts a happy birthday chant for Beran's shit son. George goes up to Legolas and attacks him with his scimitar through his beloved chain shirt. Legolas gets his crossbow and puts it up to George's temple, fires, then misses somehow. George attacks again and misses. Legolas takes his crossbow and fires, blowing George's head off. Legolas then whips his hair around and points his crossbow at the lord's son, Beran allows this saying "Let him taunt, my son is a shit.". Legolas then runs out the arena screaming in despair, "My chain shirt! I need to repair it!".

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