Occasionally the gang ask their viewers for fanfiction relating to them or the things they read, sometimes reading it out on the show. Here's a list of the requests they've made for fanfiction (including some fanfiction-fulfilments!).

Note: If you've written fanfiction for the show, paste it or post a link here!

Challenges Edit

Episode 9 - Diablo III: The Order (Part 2) The show endorses any fan-fiction, especially ones based around the books they've read

  • Incorporate Caldwell
  • Lean in to sex stuff (for Emily)
  • Caldwell/Sonic/Amy love triangle where everyone ends up heartbroken
  • Emily x Johnny Lightfoot / Emily at home receiving a letter from the Mobius government saying that her husband Johnny Lightfoot had died.
  • Murph fucks Tails

Episode 10 - Super Mario Adventure Book: Leaping Lizards

  • Emily wants Roy Koopa fanfication from Mario Kart.
  • Caldwell would love to see Wooster related fanfiction.

Episode 12 - Pokemon: I Choose You!

  • Emily requests fanfiction where she (or the others) is Cubone's mother being the mother figure Cubone never had.
  • Caldwell requests fanfiction where the club are team rocket and two of them are going to try a relationship.

Episode 17 - Sonic Adventure Gamebook: Metal City Mayhem (Part III)

  • Caldwell requests a fanfiction of all of Sonic's friends having a good life without him
  • The club request fanfiction of Sonic being a dentist giving Emily a root canal
  • Emily requests Dancer x Boombox

On-Air 8BBC Fanfiction Edit

Episode 8 - Diablo III: The Order

  • Caldwell is the youngest brother of the Prime Evils. They're currently all at home and their parents are out. (By "Trevor").

Episode 11 - Super Mario Adventure Book: Leaping Lizards (Part 2)

  • Murph reads a small fanfiction story where Caldwell is working at a pizza place that Luigi frequents when he's sad.

Episode 14 - Mortal Kombat Slash Fiction

  • Viewer Ali wrote about the club as Diablo characters where Murph is a cloaked assassin (called Murphy the bitch) Emily is a powerful wizard, and Caldwell is Caldiem the goblin.

Episode 55 - Final Fantasy VI Fan Fiction

  • Caldwell reads the Final Fantasy VI adventure book-style fan-fiction he had to write for Emily and things get wild and teary-eyed quickly.
  • Murph reads some erotic (lemon) Final Fantasy VI fan-fiction he found online of Locke and Celes hooking up in the desert.
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