Sonic Adventure Gamebook: Metal City Mayhem (Part IV) is the 59th episode in the series and the final episode of the second season. The gang takes on an adventure book they started in episode 5 which they had not managed to defeat twice before.

The episode marks the beginning of a indefinite hiatus for the 8BBC, as the Lore Lords decide to focus their efforts on a D&D Play podcast titled: "Not Another D&D Podcast" featuring ex-College Humor actor and HeadGum co-founder Jake Hurwitz. The gang have said they may do the occasional episode in the future (perhaps for holidays), and have in fact said that if Not Another D&D Podcast reaches 5000 reviews on iTunes, they will make a Donkey Kong Country-themed D&D one-shot which may be posted as an 8BBC episode.

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The club takes one last crack at Metal City Mayhem before their hiatus in this uncut finale! Previous play-throughs have resulted in Sonic's death by poisonous gas and death by existential crisis. Can the Lore Lords finally harpoon their white whale?

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