Super Mario Adventure Book: Koopa Capers is the 32nd episode in the series.

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After Wendy O. Koopa goes missing, King Koopa buries his turtle pride and asks Luigi to find her. Can everybody's second favorite plumber save the day? THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL 8 BIT BOOK CLUB OF ALL TIME.

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(From the reddit thread, so much good stuff. Someone make these!)

  • Whack Meldon - Kooky new 8 Bit Book Club character whose genitals smell like mouldy tennis balls
  • Spouts and Boners - The still-in-progress 50,000 word  Final Fantasy playthrough masterpiece Caldwell Tanner is currently writing for the New Yorker
  • Mario and Luigi's sleeping arrangements - According to official lore, Mario and Luigi sleep together in the same bed, and fall asleep at night holding hands.
  • Caldwell the Philosopher - A poetic philosopher/whale wearing a hat, described as 'Camus meets Shamu.' Known for the insightful quotes "Maybe life isn't so red or green; maybe it's just brown." and "There are infinity possibilities but only one past."

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