D&D MONSTER MADNESS (BOSS BATTLE) is the 30th episode in the series.

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John Elway the Flying Sword has shattered, causing his spirit to awaken an evil, giant John Elway hellbent on destroying the kingdom with his magic quarterbacking skills. Can Rob the Zombie and his goth followers sack this monstrous football legend and save the realm?

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  1. In every universe there is a John Elway.
  2. The John Elway on our earth is the Primary Elway.
  3. When the sword broke and the soul arose from it and went into the shitty son, it took the form of the primary Elway, which gives power to all other Elways.
  4. John Elway the wizard is drawing strength and power from a dimensional void linked to John Elway the football player.
  5. John Elway the football player is the deity John Elway the Wizard worshipped when he created John Elway the Magic Sword with Dire Football Magics.

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