D&D MONSTER MADNESS is the 28th episode in the series.

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In an improvised fictional world, Lord Beran Murphial (a Lawful Good benevolent lord) summons the greatest battle masters of the world and oversees an epic tourney between two teams of 8 scrub monsters picked out of the D&D5E Monsters Manual. Lord Beran does this all to try and connect with his shit son and see him smile. To the winner goes the real life opportunity to pick the next book they read on the podcast.

Emily Axford, a woman scantily clad in vines and twigs with her nipples tastefully covered by 2 leaves but her vagina clearly exposed, heads the team: "Defenders of the Forest AKA: Forest WIN-aker AKA: The Green Deck AKA: They are Definitely In fact Giants AKA: The Monster Marsh AKA: Mourning Woods", an army of forest creatures. Caldwell "The Belt Master" Tanner, a man wearing nothing but belts, heads the "Bad News Bugbears", a group of monstrous rejects.

More info on the tournament can be found here.

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  • Needle Blight was originally called "Son of Gulthias" by Emily, but she took the name back after realising she had taken it from the description of the Vine Blight
  • Needle Blight would have died in one hit, had the gang not got so caught up in John Elway's backstory that they forgot to role damage[1]

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