Emily gets a lot of dental work done. Emily shares the same dentist as Brian. Their dentist takes great pride in his work.

Mentions Edit

  1. Episode 17 - Sonic Adventure Gamebook: Metal City Mayhem (Part III) (2:14) Emily goes to the dentist for the first time in 10 years and has a near root canal. She estimates she swallowed about a whole tooth's worth of tooth dust.
  2. Episode 19 - Myst: The Book of Atrus (Part 2) (1:08) Emily got more funk teeth fixed and chewed off large part of her inner cheek accidentally as it was numbed by Novocain.
  3. Episode 22 - Legend of Zelda Adventure Book: The Shadow Prince (5:26) Emily mentions that the rest of her mouth is getting worked on tomorrow
  4. Episode 27 - Digimon Manga (18:54) Emily says her teeth are still hurting and she's probably going to need a root canal. It's also mentioned that her dental work is costing Murph and Emily thousands.
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