1. Episode 4 - Bioshock Rapture (at 46:26) Emily asks if she can use bacteria to give herself bigger boobs, in the end deciding just to "eat Christina Hendrick's shit" to see if it would make her boobs bigger.
  2. Episode 7 - Infinity Blade: Awakening (at 37:28) Emily responds that if she could have any ring of power it would be one that gives her big boobs.
  3. Episode 18 - Myst: The Book of Atrus (at 27:25) Emily says that if she could create a world it'd be one where she has huge boobs.
  4. Episode 20 - The Twisted Lore of Twisted Metal (at 55:56) Emily wonders what Calypso would give her if she wished for big boobs after winning the Twisted Metal tournament. The club then talk about starting a patreon to raise money for breast implants.
  5. Episode 26 - Kingdom Hearts: The Novel (Part 2) (at 32:32) Emily says if she were a Final Fantasy villian her final form would be a phoenix with huge tits and 7 wings.
  6. Episode 37 - World of Warcraft: The Shattering: The Prelude to Cataclysm (Part 3) (at 1:02:03) After discussing which weapon the three would have, Caldwell offers the Queen Bitch move: a weighted bra, to which Emily points out that it'll make you look like you have huge tits, which is perfect for her.
  7. Episode 42 - Super Mario Adventure Book: Doors to Doom (Part 2) (at 32:38) Emily talks about getting new tits at 45.
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