Dunston Checks In To Hell (AKA Dunston Checked In) is a horror movie centred around Dunston (a monkey's) journey through hell and a gang of monkeys want for revenge. The movie follows Dunston's journey to hell, along which he finds three undead monkeys who died as a result of being overworked (16 hour days) during the filming of "Dunston Checks In", a movie about a Dunston's adventures in a hotel. The blame is put on the producer for the deaths, as he worked them too hard in preparation for Lucifer coming to visit the hotel. Eventually, Dunston and the others manage to take revenge on the producer, savagely ripping him limb from limb. The other monkeys free to die, Dunston the Orangutan travels through hell, eventually bringing down the throne of hell and ascending to heaven. The writers of the film claim the plot is an adaptation of the new testament.

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