Death of Coke

The tragic scene as depicted by ninjaconor on the sub-reddit.

Dixie was a Pixie and a member of the Bad News Bugbears who fought in the Monster Madness Tournament. Not much is known about Dixie. Dixie died fighting Borf the Giant Badger round 2 of the tournament, but left Borf with some emotional trauma.

The Monster Madness Tournament Edit

Round 1 Edit

In the first round, Dixie fights Coke the Sprite. Coke struts out and puts on a show, basically stripping. The fight begins, Dixie casts detect thoughts on Coke and finds out she's planning on going invisible, that she's scared of water, that she's been in one relationship and has commitment issues, and that her weakness is being outperformed. On Coke's turn she pulls out her short bow, shoots and misses. On the second round of combat Dixie grabs the mic and talks down on Coke Sprite and says she'll win and drops the mic. Coke does a downward dog position, talks into the mic and tries to get the crowd on her side to no avail as everyone's upset at Ruth Chris the Riding Horse's death. Dixie polymorphs into Ruth Chris and the crowd goes wild. At this point, Coke is so sad that no one's paying attention to her, she turns her own short bow on herself. Before she fires, the polymorphed riding horse goes up and nussels Coke while the crowd boos from every direction. Coke then goes invisible. Dixie as a horse bucks and kicks in a circle, eventually hitting Coke on the ground as it's found out that she had killed herself already with her short bow.

Round 2 Edit

In the second round, Dixie fought Borf the Giant Badger. Before the fight starts, Dixie throws some of her pixie dust into the crowd that makes them all horned up. Borf also throws clumps of his hair into the crowd which make people barf and some other people just straight up leave. In the fight, Dixie made Borf believe that he was trapped in an old folks' home where he is being beaten by the workers and none of his kids are calling. Dixie showed mercy and decided to put Borf to sleep, dispelling the illusion in the process. This confused Borf as he now misses the feeling of loving something as before he didn't love anything. Borf, now free from the spells bites Dixie and swallows her whole. Dixie's pixie dust then starts making everyone in the audience had a bad trip and foam at the mouth for about thirty minutes. Borf then weeps for the loss of his imaginary children.

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