Death of Coke

The tragic scene as depicted by ninjaconor on the sub-reddit.

Coke was a Sprite who fought in the Mourning Woods team at the Monster Madness Tournament.

Coke was known for her seductive and flashy personality seen in her entrances. She died committing suicide mid-fight with Dixie the Pixie.

The Monster Madness Tournament Edit

Round 1 Edit

In the first round, Coke fought Dixie the Pixie. Coke strutted out and put on a show, practically stripping. The fight began, Dixie casted detect thoughts on Coke and found out she was planning on going invisible, that she was scared of water, that she had been in one relationship and has commitment issues, and that her weakness was being outperformed. In the second round of combat Dixie grabbed the mic and talked down on Coke Sprite, claiming that she would win, then dropped the mic. Coke assumed a downward dog position then talked into the mic trying to get the crowd on her side. The attempt was to no avail as everyone was still upset at Ruth Chris the Riding Horse's death. Dixie polymorphed into Ruth Chris and the crowd went wild. At this point in the fight, Coke was so sad that no one would pay attention to her that she turned her own short bow on herself. Before she fired, the polymorphed riding horse went up and nusseled Coke while the crowd booed from every direction. Coke then went invisible. In her horse form, Dixie bucked and kicked in a circle, eventually hitting Coke. It's at this point that it's found out that Coke had already killed herself with her short bow.

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