Bill McCay (a pen name of John Grisham) is a New York Times Best Selling author who also wrote several officially licensed Mario adventure books: Koopa Capers, Doors to Doom, Monster Mix Up, and Flown the Koopa. Bill McCay is known on the show for having "puzzle problems", i.e. he punishes you for correct solutions, he randomly gives points to the player for doing nothing, leads you on for a long time before telling you that you've failed, and presents puzzles that have no consequence whatsoever.

Bill is blamed for sparking the events of Magmagate with his backwards writing. He is also known for his foot fetish which he inserts into all his writing. The Club have described him as a "snake in the grass" and a "koopa in mans' clothing".

Bill can be found in his Hollywood mansion bathing in a tub full of adventure book money.

Facts Edit

  • If you google "Bill McCay" at least 3 different men show up, but they all have identical mustaches.
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