Arthur "The Winged Creature" Treacher the Winged Kobold was a fighter in The Bad News Bugbears and took part in The Monster Madness Tournament. Arthur was killed fighting Rob the Zombie and his body was eaten by him also. He was resurrected later in the fight as a zombie but got too cocky and got killed quickly after. Arthur was known for his loyalty to the Kobold Crew.

The Monster Madness Tournament Edit

Round 1 Edit

In round 1, Arthur fights Rob the Zombie. In the fight, Rob grabs the mic twice realising both times he can't speak. Arthur flies up into the sky to drops a rock on Rob which causes part of his shoulder to come off. After, Rob lands a devastating hit to Arthur which knocks him out the air and kills him. Rob then eats Arthur thinking he's eating a sandwich.

Appearance of John Elway Edit

Around the time Giant John Elway appears, Arthur is resurrected by Rob's zombie curse. Arthur flies up and attempts to poke John Elway's eyes through his helmet, but he's not dexterous enough and is headbutted to oblivion while John yells "INTERCEPTION!".

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