"Abstract Daddy, the only mattress company that will deliver to you a mattress with people fucking already on it." - Official Slogan
Abstract Daddy Ltd. is an e-commerce mattress company who specialise in luxury home delivered mattresses which come with two people having sex on them.

Abstract Daddys (also the name of the mattresses) upon purchase are delivered to the buyers house in a small box. When the box is opened the mattress that was inside unfolds to reveal two polygonal nightmare demons with no eyes and no mouths just going to town on each other on top of your fresh new mattress. The demons reportedly smell bad and product reviews have mentioned that if you sleep in the bed it's likely you become a pyramid head and/or be transported to Silent Hill.

Abstract Daddy sponsored episode 38 of 8-Bit Book Club, offering a discount with their promotional code: "8 bit".

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