"They made a book about a video game, and we made a podcast about that book." - The 8-Bit Book Club Theme.
8 Bit book Club is a podcast where 3 brave heroes read books based on video games (they also do other things).

Episode Types Edit

The show contains several formats which are swapped around to keep things interesting. Also so the hosts don't have to read a whole book every week.

Book Club Edit

Your standard 8-Bit Book Club episode. The gang read a book (or part of one) off the air and meet up to to talk about it. Older episodes followed the format of: Murph reads a recap of the story he wrote ahead of time, then the gang talk about parts they found noteworthy and what their opinions are, then maybe ending with an A to J Ranking. This format was modified slightly so that the recap is read in "chunks" with time to comment after each chunk. The change was made to avoid Emily and Caldwell's frequent interruptions that would create huge tangents and cause Murph to lose his place.

Adventure Book Edit

A common non-book episode type. The gang play through an adventure book based on a video game franchise and try to win, no matter how many tries it takes. Reading duties are usually changed throughout the reading but it is most often Murph. Emily takes the mantle of "Puzzle Master" (though many puzzles have been failed) and score keeper, and Caldwell keeps check of the inventory (though most of the time he's helping Emily). When the gang read adventure books, they like to keep it interesting by rolling dice to do certain actions not in the book (like having sex with characters) and going off-script while reading to try and fool the others.

Live Readings Edit

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Dungeons and Dragons Edit

Origin Story Edit

8 bit book club was originally started by Murph as an elaborate joke to make fun of Caldwell for being a nerd (as revealed at the end of Episode 3). They continued to release episodes afterwards however as they realised the mantle of lore lord could not be abandoned so easily.

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